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Healing Salve


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1.5 oz. Calendula*, comfrey*, olive oil*, beeswax, vitamin E oil,

essential oil of lavender (*certified organic)

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Each one of these herbs has been known to have unique healing properties for repairing damaged skin. Calendula, the main herb ingredient in this salve, heals wounds and can support new cell growth.  It is found in most natural skin products. It is gentle but does the job at relieving things like rashes, sunburn, diaper rash, you name it! It also can help to heal bruises and scarring. Comfrey is another amazing skin healing herb. Its folk name “knit bone” comes from its ability to speed recovery of bones and skin.  It repairs damaged skin and keeps the skin soft and nourished. Essential oil of lavender is strongly antiseptic, helping to heal burns, wounds, and sores.  Externally apply when needed.

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