2018 Winter Veganize It!


Our Vegan share delivers one block of tofu, one loaf of bread, and a cheese item every week.

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Veganize It! and be awesome. When you Veganize your share you get 3 additional vegan/organic items that make your home cookin a groovy experience. Veganize It! includes an organic brick of tofu, artisan handmade bread, and a local pantry favorite made with love. Include one or five of this add-on with your CSA and experience the bliss of eating a completely local diet. Delivered weekly. Please note that this is an add-on share and does not include a vegetable share.

  1. Tofu: Made by Fresh Tofu Inc. who has been dedicated to making the best organic and non-gmo soy products since 1984.
  2. Artisanal Bread: Fantastic flavor and use of the best fresh ingredients
    • Examples:¬†sourdough, baguette, Austin, the miche
  3. Pantry: Locally made pantry items made with chemical-free non-gmo produce.
    • Examples: sauerkraut, maple syrup, jam, flour, maple sugar, harvest tea, muesli

* items may vary from examples listed