2018 Winter Pantry Share


Our pantry share will deliver 1 item every week.

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You will receive 1 Pantry Item each week. The LFFC community has done some great work with creating pantry items such as applesauce, sauerkraut, jam and more from surplus harvests. This option may also include honey, maple syrup, flour and any other LFFC pantry items that our farmers and local partners may prepare with surplus goods. This is a great Add-On item to your vegetable share in order to build your pantry’s inventory and be prepared for some homemade goodness when the snow is deep and the days are cold! Sauerkraut comes in the size of 35 oz jars, items like jam and jelly are 4- 8 oz, honey is 1 lb, and flour is 2 lb bags. We aim to give you a rotating variety each week so you can keep trying something different.

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