2018 Summer Fruit Share


2-3 fruit items delivered per week beginning week 5 of Summer CSA (the week of 6/4/2018) with final delivery the week of 10/22/2018.

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Join our fruit share to keep things sweet all summer long! During the spring, when abundance of fruit in our area is most dependent on seasonal weather patterns, shares will start off with delicate spring favorites such as strawberries, cherries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. As summer ensues, we begin melon season! Watermelons, canary melons, French heirloom cantaloupes, and many other heirloom melon varieties are harvested, sure to please your palate.  With autumn on the horizon, the shares will turn to grapes, kiwi berries, pears and apples all sourced from our member farms as well as local and regional partners. All fruit is either Certified Organic or raised using the environmentally sensitive IPM (Integrated Pest Management) standard.  Occasionally, when varieties are less plentiful, we will supplement fresh fruit items with locally-prepared jams, sauces, and fruit butters.

2-3 fruit items delivered per week

*Please note fruit share will begin week 5 of Summer CSA (the week of 6/4/2018) and last for 21 weeks (final delivery the week of 10/29/2018).