Enjoying Week 21 of Summer CSA!
6 weeks until Fall CSA begins!

Fall is closer than anyone wants to admit, but if there’s one thing we can all look forward to, it’s fall harvest. With the changing of the seasons comes the deliciousness of the produce and while you may think the CSA party is over, the fun has just begun. Let me share with you 5 reasons fall CSA rocks and may very well turn out to be your favorite season yet.


Brussels Sprouts CSA 1. #becauseBrusselssprouts

Arguably one of our most requested veggies throughout the year, Brussels sprouts are the belle of the ball for fall CSA. What is it about these little veggies that make everyone so hungry? Is it the way they look like adorable mini cabbages? Or because they’re a nutritional powerhouse filled with protein and vitamins? Those are both valid reasons to love B-sprouts but, more than likely, it’s their extremely diverse flavor that draws in the great demand. Don’t miss the #becauseBrusselssprouts movement this season!


Fall Harvest CSA2. Variety in Harvest

There’s a reason harvest is a time of celebration and that is because the food is awesome. Fall’s harvest is colorful, hardy, and full of flavor. You don’t want to miss out on the fall squash, lush greens, brassicas, fall broccoli, apples, pears, and so much more.







1. a plant of a genus that includes cabbage, turnip, Brussels sprout, and mustard.


Fall Pie CSA3. Casseroles, Soup, and Pie… OH, MY!

Green bean casserole. Creamy potato soup. Sweet potato pie. Hungry yet? With your fall CSA’s, you’ll have what you need to make a wide variety of soups, pies, casseroles, and everything in between. Enjoy the season of comfort foods while being comforted by the fact that you’re eating the best local organic food known to mankind (probably true).



holiday csa4. Holidays

With your fall CSA, you get a delivery a week within Thanksgiving and Christmas! That means no fighting holiday crowds at the grocery store just to find they are out of your must have squash for Grandmas special recipe. This year, we have created an online store that allows you to easily add on veggies, fruit, and pantry items to your CSA delivery to ensure you get all you need to make your Holiday cooking the best ever!



relax5. The Easy Season

Fall is by far the easiest season to participate in a CSA. The crops in fall have a longer shelf life and are easy to store, it’s the shortest CSA season (making it the least commitment and investment), and don’t forget about the ease in which you can prep for winter. “(in Fall,) the party doesn’t stop.” –Adam, CSA Manager @LFFC



Fall CSA LargeFall CSA Medium






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