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Fruit Share 2-3 Items per Weekly Delivery
 Every month has its fruit and you will discover all the many varieties the Mid-Atlantic region's spring and summer yield.  Increase your fruit intake (and energy level) by adding the fruit option to your vegetable delivery!  Early season favorites include strawberries, blueberries and cherries.  As the summer turns hot and dry the climate is primed for watermelons and cantaloupes.  When we approach autumn, pears and apples will be coming by the bushel.  We source the fruit from our member farms, as well as, local and regional partners.  All fruit is either Certified Organic or raised using the environmentally sensitive IPM (Integrated Pest Management) standard.  Occasionally, when production is low, the fruit share includes jams, ciders, and fruit butters - all crafted locally. 


Strawberries from LFFC member farm, Peaches from LFFC local partner

LFFC would like to thank CSA shareholder Zach Kassutto for the beautiful photography pictured on this page.


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